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Conrad Leach

Conrad Leach began his artistic career as a designer and development consultant for major fashion brands in Europe. Following 20 years of immersion in creative fields and the success of his first solo show of paintings in London.​

Conrad was selected as Artist in Residence for the Louis Vuitton CELUX project in Tokyo. While in Japan, Conrad pursued his fine art practice full time beginning in 2002, and developed the concept of 'Pop Ukiyo-e' which paved the way for a series of portraits of Japanese society and large scale paintings for the Kamizono-cho residence in Yoyogi Park.​

Conrad has created motorsport related paintings for many of the most important collectors throughout Europe and is now continuing this tradition in the USA.

The history of painters moving to Los Angeles for its quality of light, creative environment and artistic freedom has a long and storied history. The trend has recently accelerated and for many good reasons.​

Conrad relocated his studio from London to LA in 2014 which inspired a new body of work exploring his observations of life and the culture of Los Angeles.



2024 Art Palm Beach, Timothy Yarger Fine Art, Miami FL

2023 Art Miami, Timothy yarger Fine Art, Palm Beach FL

2019 Art Market San Francisco, Timothy Yarger Fine Art, San Francisco, CA

2013 UNITED STATE, Subvecta Motus, Los Angeles, CA

2011 RE-POP JAPAN, Cafegroove, Tokyo

2011 PARADISE LOST, The Gauntlett Gallery, London

2010 SPEEDWORKS, The Gauntlett Gallery, London

2009 SPEED SHOW, Cafegroove, Tokyo 

2008 THE LEGEND OF THE MOTORCYCLE - International Concours d'Elegance, Half Moon Bay

2008 DUNHILL - Drivers Club, Goodwood, UK

2008 PORTRAITS - Cafegroove, Tokyo 

2008 LONDON CALLING (Group Show) - Beady Minces Gallery, Los Angeles 

2007 LET US PLAY - LVMH Celux, Tokyo

2007 LOVE WILL BRING US APART (Group Show) - Apart Gallery, London 

2006 PORTRAITS - LVMH Celux, Tokyo 

2005 NORTHERN LIGHTS - Grand Cafe, Oslo

2005 NEW ANTIQUES, NEW CLASSICS - Cibone Aoyama, Tokyo 


2004 YO! SUPERSTAR - Space Force Gallery, Tokyo

2003 ROCK 'N ROLL WITH ME - LVMH Celux, Tokyo 

2002 PLAYERS - Apart Gallery, London 

2001 EASY PAINTER - The Alphabet Bar, London

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