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fALL FORWARD: An Expolration of Language and Light

Throughout history, artistic creativity has enveloped the domain of communication, the sphere of narrative, the realm of storytelling, and the world of emotion and feeling.


fALL FORWARD presents an intriguing spectrum of artistic expression that communicates sensation, conveys drama and imparts uniqueness.


At first blush, no commonality is evident in this group exhibition; However, closer contemplation reveals a unifying thread of the language expressed through perception as each artist evokes a unique experience rooted deeply in their vision and craft.

AI: Artistic Intelligence, A Solo Exhibition in NYC

​Mads Christensen's work is experiential; influencing the viewers awareness of movement, color and shape. Stimulating feelings of wonder, contentment and serenity.

Christensen has cultivated his creative prowess to encompass visual and emotional experiences using Light as a Medium. The sculpture is a fusion of uniquely written software coding and the intangible qualities of his artist practice.

Following in the footsteps of groundbreaking artists who explore this medium like James Turrell, Doug Wheeler, Dan Flavin and Olafur Eliasson.

Christensen is recognized by collectors and museum professionals as possessing vast and palpable creativity, technical expertise and visual sophistication to perpetuate this fascinating evolution of light.

Light & Line

Artist Comments @ 7:45 PM

A closer look at our curated collection of work focusing on Light & Line.


Group Exhibition Featuring: Mads Christensen, Pancho Luna, Laddie John Dill, Larry Kagan, Shana Mabari, Udo Nöger,  Peter Alexander, Chul Hyun Ahn, Moshe Elimelech and Carolina Sardi

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LAX Airport's Delta Terminal Features Work by TYFA Artists

TYFA is proud to announce the participation of two of their artists in a new curatorial initiative at LAX's Delta terminal. The special exhibit was curated by TYFA and features artwork by artists Moshe Elimelech and Cecil Touchon.

Rodger Stevens: "Postcards from the Limbic System"

Stevens is a skilled wire sculptor whose talents have been recognized by major corporate brands as well as the fine art community as evidenced by his current Studio Residency at the Art & Design Museum in NYC. As a member of the program, Stevens will begin a four month public engagement this month in which he will create a new body of work in-front of a live museum audience, once a week. TYFA is pleased to be able to present to you at this very same time, a new exhibition of his latest work.

The show title "Postcards from the Limbic System," reflects the artist's contemplative yet poetic approach to life and practice. Stevens' geometric forms are haiku-like transmissions from the artist's memories and experience. The exhibition reveals how as both a craftsman and metal worker, Stevens has labored so beautifully to connect narrative and form. Attendees of the exhibition will leave appreciating how Stevens has so effortlessly and eloquently used a challenging medium like wire and rod to execute dynamic snapshots of our human experience.

To read more about Rodger's life and work, please visit his bio.

Udo Noger "Light Fields" Solo Show

Timothy Yarger Fine Art, Beverly Hills was pleased to unveil new work by acclaimed artist, Udo Noger. The carefully curated selection of paintings encompassed the imagery which has distinguished the artist in today's contemporary art world. 

Pancho Luna "Literary Illusions" Solo Show

Timothy Yarger FIne art was pleased to present "Literary Illusions" by Pancho Luna, this was the artist's first solo show at the TYFA.

Mads Christensen "In Light Of" Solo Show

Mads Christensen's dynamic light-based works explore how we as viewers respond to illumination and color through the neuroreceptors of the human visual analog system. Following in the footsteps of groundbreaking artists exploring this medium like James Turrell, Doug Wheeler, Dan Flavin, Ivan Navarro and Olafer Eliasson, Christensen is interested in the manner by which our brain translates the information gathered by the receptors in the human eye into specific colors, and consequently the emotional experience.Christensen finds the interplay between color and intensity of light in relation to the human vision system fascinating.  For example, the human eye senses red and blue light differently. Red-sensitive cones are prominent near the center of the retina, yielding great detail in the perceived image. There are however, relatively few blue-sensitive cones which make it difficult to see detail with just blue light.  However, when blue and red lights are combined as in What Are You Blinking About, unexpected and fascinating consequences of pattern and multiple colors appear because of the neurology in the human vision system.   Trained as an electrical engineer, Christensen’s work is an interplay between his software designs and the intangible qualities of light as medium. While artists throughout history have been fascinated by depicting light, Christensen creates what appears as two-dimensional paintings with light. This platform is reminiscent of the flat and static shape of a painting but its animation and range of color creates a dialog with the space by illuminating the viewer and surrounding area with ambient light. The dramatic, stimulating and soothing qualities inherent in his work present an evolution of visual experience.Christensen is being recognized by collectors and museum professional as possessing vast and palpable creativity, technical expertise and visual sophistication to perpetuate this fascinating evolution of light as art.

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