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Udo Nöger's artistic work is based on the synthesis of painted image and structured light object. The expanded character of Nöger's work is defined through following formal characteristics: painted tableau, space, light and the monochrome, that, with structure is brought into tension.


In traditional painting the two dimensional 'Tafelbild' (boardpicture) functions as a kind of window for us to see through into the distance. Spaced depth suggestion allows the viewer to look into the image itself. Horizon, the steady scale-decrease of the image and reduction are the characteristics for that. The material of the canvas and the layered color turns transparent and serves as the three dimensional illusion. Some abstract painted works impart the dimensional quality to the recipient as well. Thinking about the optical illusion from a Mark Rothko, where the color fields show depth as they emerge pulsating and breathing from the image. Artists like Robert Ryman work in a different way of painting that negates the illusionistic space of the canvas, seeing the painted canvas as it is: image support, paint, work results, etc.


Lucio Fontana extended the image character with his perforated and cut canvases by opening the actual space behind the canvas. To that the artist states: "The main conditions of modern art are shown clearly in the 13 th century when artist began with the portrayal of space. The grand masters that followed gave this tendency always new impulses. In the course of the centuries the space is shown more and more open." ... " The modern art is in a stage of transition, that makes the break with the earlier art necessary to create room for new conceptions." – Concetto Spaciale, as the title of paintings by Fontana.


How are Nöger's paintings classified dimensionally? For a better comprehension there are a few technical facts: the works consist of three canvases, that are stretched over each other to the frame. Forms are cut from the middle layer that opens the view to the behind, similar to Fontana. Around it lies the painted image, primarily painted in monochrome gray shades. The overlaid canvas covers the openings again, it appears through its transparent state to be soaked in mineral oil, as a translucent membrane that allows the light to penetrate. The negative forms produce a vessel character, holding the incoming light from the outside as well as returning it to the ambient space. The placement of the cut forms is difficult to make out as they allow the viewer to see into the depth of the painting – illusive as in the classic 'Tafelbild' as well as into the actual depth as a result of the dimensional layered canvases – the painting gains the character of an object as well as a physical presence and volume. Illuminated by the energy of light, they evolve to pulsating luminous cocoon like forms that emanate from the painting. A complex dimensional structure.Contrary to the positions of the white monochrome painting from Piero Manzoni or Robert Ryman, Nöger intensifies the accent of structuring: beside the heterogeneous contoured negative forms, sometimes graphic structures are applied with charcoal onto the painting counter pointed to the delicate color application, that lets us discern a distinct individual trademark.Udo Nöger's works are marking the space between painting in its illusionistic suggestive power and an object of light, but in its natural sense. No artificial light is being installed behind the matrix of the painting, instead the structure is purely depending on the surrounding situation of light. Whereas some light installations draw the viewer with their dominant loud blinding- so are Udo Nöger's works are sensitive, reserved, and refusing of quick perception.


Udo Nöger has exhibited extensively around the world since the 1980s. His

works have been placed in numerous private and public collections. A selection include:


Metropolitan Museum, New York

Art Institute, Chicago

Museum of Art Miami

Bass Museum, Miami

Museo de Arte Moderno de Bogota, Columbia

Museum of Contemporary Art, University of Sao Paulo

Museo de Arte de Ponce, Puerto Rico

Margulies Collection, Miami

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