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Tom Judd

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Tom Judd grew up in Salt Lake City and attended the University of Utah from 1970 to 1972. He attended the Philadelphia College of Art where he studied with Rafael Ferrer, Bob Kulicke, and Larry Day.

Judd first exhibited his art work at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in 1979, where at 25 he was included in a survey show entitled Contemporary Drawing: Philadelphia curated by Ann Percy and Frank Goodyear. The museum purchased a work from that exhibit for their permanent collection.

Judd has gone onto exhibit his work in distinguished commercial galleries and Museums across the country. He is in major collections, including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Pennsylvania Academy of Art and the Birmingham Museum of Art.

Judd works in a variety of medium including painting, collage, photography and installation work. This includes major public art projects such as the Independence Hall subway station in Philadelphia.

"I am fundamentally a collage artist. I combine different types of imagery, materials and ideas to create works with often incongruous and surprising results.  My work dwells in an inquiry of time and memory. I have always been interested in how combining different visual images and creating associations can trigger emotional responses and connections to our past, influencing how we perceive the present. 


The scope of my work is expansive. Although I started out primarily as a painter and collage artist, I have since ventured into sculpture, installation art, murals, photography and film."

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