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Robert Stone

(1961 - , San Francisco California) 

Robert Stone is a painter and sculptor working in San Francisco. His paintings focus on the manipulation of space, light, scale, and form to create a visceral engagement with viewers.

Complex geometric compositions are made of thickly-applied paint on supports of raw linen. The works blur the boundaries between two-dimensional and three-dimensional space, and between precise mechanical production and the handmade gesture. As a viewer moves and interacts with each work, light and shadow shift across the picture plane causing elements to advance and recede, appear and disappear. The interplay of sharply delineated structure against empty, negative space suggests architectural and sculptural dimension, and the life-size scale draws viewers into an all-encompassing experience. The works can also evoke real-world associations — such as landscapes, technology, machinery, mineral and geological forms — and embrace the ambiguity of potential narratives.


Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA — BFA

San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA


San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

2019 Edward Cella Art + Architecture, Pop-up group show — Los Angeles, CA
2018 Edward Cella Art + Architecture, Pop-up solo show — Santa Barbara, CA
2017 101 California Public Exhibition, Solo show — San Francisco, CA
2016 Anglim Gilbert Gallery, Solo show — San Francisco, CA
2015 Retrospective, Gallery Paule Anglim, Group show — San Francisco, CA
2015 Longhouse Projects, Group show — New York, NY
2014 Gallery Paule Anglim, Solo show — San Francisco, CA



2018 Untitled, San Francisco, CA 
2017 Expo Chicago, Chicago, Il 
2017 Untitled, San Francisco, CA 
2016 Untitled, Miami Beach, FL
2015 Untitled, Miami Beach, FL 
2014 Miami Project, Miami, FL

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