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Pierre Marie Brisson

Brisson is one of France's most talented, successful, contemporary artists. With its many references to arts of the past, from pre-historic and primitive to the Grand Historical Styles of Europe and the dynastiesof Asia, Brisson’s work surveys like a walk through the Louvre Museum. His is an encyclopedic mind and eye: he wants to pay homage to ancestor-artists, to revisit every great epoch, style and place. His signature amalgams, in which age and antiquity are conjured, resemble a kind of archeological dig: he cuts, scratches and pierces the multi-layered surfaces of his canvases to reveal icons from within the strata of cultural and curatorial memory, mining inside his own fascinating materials. He includes the rough surface of an ancient Roman wall, the craquelure of old Chinese paint, the decorative pattern of Rococo wallpaper, the woven fabric of a Renaissance tapestry, or the shorthand figuration of classic modernism.


His works unlock repressed or forgotten levels – and famous ones, too – from the history of art, of time, and from the great “chainlink of being,” itself. He seems to be saying, “Were it not for every single artist and every ancestor having been, having survived, then my art could not be as is, and you and I would not be here.” This is an art of allusion that conjures a universe unfolding, in signature style, as in the Louvre.


Born in June, 1955 in Orléans, France Currently lives and works in the South of France.


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