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Minako Iwamura


Born in Australia, raised and educated in Tokyo and in New York, Minako received her BFA from Rhode Island School of Design.  She lives in Brooklyn and works in Ridgewood, NY.

Minako’s work explores the interplay of geometry, patterns, and color, and their psychological undertones. Her work has varied from a series incorporating fractals in its pictorial structure and evoking elements in nature, to her more recent work introducing silhouettes of vessels that connote entities.  

She is interested in dualities - the coexistence of geometry and nature, singular and the collective, premeditated delineation and intuitive movements, parameter and chaos, to name a few.  Through these dualities,  she portrays a particular state that hovers in a precarious spot of in-betweeneness and its psychology.


2020  EXODUS V , Emigre Artists and the New York Vanguard : AESTHETICS IN THE POLITICAL, curated by Kyoto Sato, WhiteBox Harlem, NY

           ”エクソドスV、歴史のうねりの中で“  キュレーター 佐藤恭子、ホワイトボックス ハーレム、ニューヨーク

2020  A Moment In Time, Anderson Contemporary, New York, NY

2020  Fractures in Serenity : Habby Osk and Minako Iwamura, Lorimoto Gallery, Ridgewood NY

2019  Flat File 2020, Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Brooklyn NY

2019  Art on Paper, Site Brooklyn Gallery, Brooklyn NY, Curated by Rebecca Lax

2018  Work on Paper, The Cluster Gallery, Brooklyn NY.  Curated by Muriel Guepin 

2016  Persistent Nature of Urgency, Mayson Gallery, NYC.  Curated by Lowell Boyers and Jeff Quinn

2015   MetropolitanSuite, Mayson Gallery, NYC.  Curated by Jeff Quinn

2015   Art Market Hamptons / Market Art & Design, Fairview Farms, Mayson Gallery, Bridgehampton, NY

2015   Affordable Art Fair, Metropolitan Pavillion, Mayson Gallery, NYC.  

2014   Systematic Paradox, Vermont College of Fine Arts, Montpeier, VT.  

2013   Vital Signs, Mayson Gallery, NYC.  Curated by Ronnie Anderson

2012   Adult Contemporary, Mayson Gallery, NYC.  Curated by Jeff Quinn, Lowell Boyers, Doug Henders

2009   Dime Bag 3, Giant Robot, NYC. 

2008  Panorama Projects 2, Jonathan Levine Gallery, NYC. 

2007  Small Works, 80 Washington Park East Gallery, NYC.  

2006  A Piece Apart, Aidan Savoy Gallery, NYC.  Curated by Jordin Isip and Rodger Stevens

2005   Naked Singularities, NIX Gallery, NYC.  Curated by Shanni K. Parsons

2005   Mystery Meat, Future Projects Space, Quezon, Philippines.  Curated by Jordin Isip

2003  Grand Union, Front Room Gallery, NYC.  

2003  Dime Bag2, Front Room Gallery, NYC.  

2003   Assembly, Front Room Gallery, NYC.  Curated by Jordin Isip and Rodger Stevens

2002   Dime Bag1, New Image Art, Los Angeles, CA.  Curated by Jordin Isip and Rodger Stevens

2002   Painting as Paradox, Artist Space, NYC.  Curated by Lauri Firstenberg



2014  Tricycle Magazine, Spring Issue 2014

2005   New York Press, January 26 - February 1, ,2005  Review by Julia Morton

2002   Painting as Paradox, Artist Space, catalogue

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