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At Highline Nine, Chelsea, NY

AI: Artistic Intelligence

​Mads Christensen's work is experiential; influencing the viewers awareness of movement, color and shape. Stimulating feelings of wonder, contentment and serenity.

Christensen has cultivated his creative prowess to encompass visual and emotional experiences using Light as a Medium. The Sculpture is a fusion of uniquely written software coding and the intangible qualities of his artist practice.

Following in the footsteps of groundbreaking artists who explore this medium like James Turrell, Doug Wheeler, Dan Flavin, and Olafur Eliasson.

Christensen is recognized by collectors and museums professionals as possessing vast and palpable creativity, technical expertise and visual sophistication to perpetuate this fascinating evolution of light.

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At Bombay Beach Biannale, Bombay Beach, CA

Bombay Beach Biannale 2019

The Resurrector by Mads Christensen


The RESURRECTOR  is a participatory immersive installation experience, created by 24, 8-foot tall columns of light.


An entrance invites participants to step inside, seating encourages engagement with one another, while alternating sequences of a light illuminate people inside and at times those outside, stimulating a playful, visual and emotional experience.


At night there will be patterns of light and movement on both sides of the structure beckoning attention. During the day, the universal comforting appeal of the structural shape and volume serves as a place for contemplation.


The RESURRECTOR is a permanent gift to the Bombay Beach community.

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