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Songs for Fernanda #2

Acrylic on Canvas, 2020

90 x 99 x 3 inches

Aldo Chaparro



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This new group of paintings bears the title from the  Leonard Cohen song,  Hallelujah. Interpreting the religious story of  David – who asks God to put his faith to a test and defeated Goliath through relinquishing himself to his belief…    “For many years I have worked with different methods and disciplines, but only now – after these months of lockdown and complete isolation – I have rediscovered what painting is : a force that is beyond your control. It tests your faith, propels a desire that challenges what you know and exposes  your true human condition: fragile, contradictory, and love… “

About the Artist

Aldo Chaparro

Aldo Chaparro is a Mexican/Peruvian artist whose work focuses in the use of sculpture and painting to explore form in post-industrial ways.