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Welcome to the preview of our Hamptons Fine Art Fair collection,

which will be on display at Booth #224. 

Click on any of the artist's work below to view a slide show of larger images. 

You may also view / download a PDF Catalog by clicking HERE.

Mads Christensen

Mads Christensen has cultivated his creative prowess to create visual and emotional experiences using light as medium. Trained as an electrical engineer, the sculptures are a fusion of his uniquely written software and the intangible qualities of his artist practice.   Full Bio>

Tom Judd

Conrad Leach

Conrad Leach began his artistic career as a designer and development consultant for major fashion brands in Europe.  Following 20 years of immersion in creative fields and the success of his first solo show of paintings in London.   Full Bio>

Pancho Luna

Luna carries on the historic, modernist tradition of acrylic sculpture.  He is recognized for transforming the material into polished books – molding acrylic blocks into beautiful texts.  Each piece incorporates a binding with images and words that reflect the artist’s consciousness and concerns.   Full Bio>

Jeff Quinn

Jeff Quinn graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1986 with a BFA in Painting and has appeared in numerous solo and group exhibitions. He has been commissioned for many private and public environments, including painting the  installation for American artist Robert Gober's  retrospective at MOMA.  A keen eye toward collaboration, Jeff has worked with a broad array of artists and designers,    Full Bio>

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